EPI - A Premier Furniture Installation Company

Environments Plus, Inc. (EPI) is one of the premier, all-inclusive, office service providers with services offerings that include: office relocation, office furniture installation, architectural wall installation and project management services Nationwide.  Headquartered in San Fernando, with offices in Austin, TX and San Diego, CA,  Environments Plus is a complete facility services solution company offering everything from office relocation to warehousing and installation.

EPI has helped such companies as Facebook, Starbucks, Yahoo, Comcast, Universal Music Group, LA Dodgers, LA Clippers, and RocketFuel just to name a few.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and working with our clients to ensure a smooth and successful installations.

Environments Plus, Inc (EPI) is a privately held corporation that is owned and operated by Mark and Regina Cordell. They are the vision and driving force behind the success of Environments Plus, Inc. and are working diligently to take EPI to the next level.

Mark and Regina Cordell met in 1991, Regina was working in the construction industry and Mark had been contracted to work for a Fortune 500 company to Project Manage a very large Relocation/Install Project of new furniture.  Regina saw there was an under served market in the furniture industry, and after months of working together, she saw a great business partner in Mark and asked him to join her in fulfilling her vision. He agreed and they joined forces to use their combined strengths and opened Environments Plus in 1992.

In 1993, they opted to make this partnership permanent and were married in March of that year.  Together, they have developed a thriving company in California and have just expanded into the Central Texas market.

Regina uses her abilities to look forward to the future and the knowledge she has gained in the 26 years of running EPI, has allowed her to develop processes and procedures to streamline jobs, as well as develop a state of the art software program that manages the growing demands of the industry. This custom made software program has been deployed and is currently in use at Environments Plus, allowing their team to better serve their customers with on-demand reporting.

EPI currently employs over 75 staff in California and 25 in Texas.  Regina’s background of project management, construction and design ,helps her see a project from a blank canvas to beautiful finished design.  She is a quick thinker and problem solver, and is great at keeping everyone on their toes.  Mark supports her leadership at EPI with his  knowledge of different products (modular system) and is an efficient planner. Regina’s vision and Mark’s work ethic is what gives Environments Plus, Inc. the foundation and drive to be the best in the business, but they are always striving to be better!  Their motto is to never stop learning and evolving, learn from each project and grow.

The combined experience of both the Cordell’s provides a broad view of customer service management and an understanding that enables Environments Plus, Inc. to exceed customer expectations. Over the past thirteen years, Regina and Mark have evolved Environments Plus into a comprehensive furniture services company. These services include: project management, furniture distribution and design using AutoCAD, office reconfiguration, and other applications.

EPI personnel are experienced in furniture administration and dealer operations, and that experience has allowed the company to enhance our ability to support all aspects of furniture management across the board. Increasing our inventory management services with our custom in-house system, has allowed EPI to schedule installations well in advance of the project date and provide daily feedback to our clients. We can receive product in batches or all at once and work our schedule around the customer’s.  In addition, we have developed a highly sophisticated internal work order/dispatching system to assist the management and tracking of customer orders.

Nationwide since 1995, Environments Plus is a founding member of Facilities Services Net.  FSN is an organization consisting of some of the best independent installation firms in the United States who share best practices.  We are a proud member of this network that constantly shares best practices for better customer service.

Environments Plus’ goal is to continue to enhance and expand its furniture, project management and design services, solidifying its’ position of being the premier all-inclusive furniture service provider in California and Texas.

Our Motto

Together we achieve the extraordinary. Workmanship makes the difference. Response sets the standard!

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The Environments Plus Team

Regina Cordell

  • 27 Years in the industry
  • 26 Years with Environments Plus
  • Favorite movie – Ghost
  • Favorite food – Mexican
  • Hobbies – hiking – being outdoors
  • Family – Mark (husband), Peter (son), Mark Jr (Son), Tiara (daughter), Cody (son), Greyson (grandson) Kylee (daughter in law)

Mark Cordell Sr

  • 35 Years in the industry
  • 26 Years with Environments Plus
  • Favorite Movie – Tombstone, Ocean 7
  • Favorite Food – anything Asian
  • Hobbies – Sporting events, hiking, playing with my grandson
  • Family – Regina (Wife) Peter (son), Mark Jr (Son), Tiara (daughter), Cody (son), Greyson (grandson) Kylee (daughter in law)

Mark Cordell Jr

Executive Vice President

  • 9 Years in the industry
  • 9 Years with Environments Plus
  • Favorite Movie – Man On Fire
  • Favorite Food – Sushi
  • Hobbies – I love to play FIFA on XBOX ONE, watch football and play basketball!!!
  • Family – Kylee(Wife), Eloise (1 mo) Greyson -4(Son), Mark Sr(Father), Regina(Mother), Peter 29(Brother), Tiara 27(Sister), Cody 21(Brother)

William Donahoe
Director of Operations

Cindy Dixon
Account Manager / Project Coordinator

Bryan Migdol

Bryan Migdol
Director of Relocation Services

EPI Employee Pic - Jackie
Jackqueline Ramirez
Project Coordinator

Jennifer CarterJennifer Carter
Account Manager / Project Coordinator

EPI Employee - Michelle
Michelle Melendez
Administrative Assistant

Marketing Director
Paige Donahoe
Marketing Director

  Rob Becker
Texas General Manager