Choosing an Office Moving Company

How hard can moving an office be right?

If you are reading this, chances are you and your office are planning to relocate your entire office to a new location.  Moving an office is a huge undertaking and you want to pick a pro to handle this job.  Here are some things to consider when looking for and ultimately picking an office moving company to move your office furniture.

11 things to consider in moving your office:

  1. Years of experience. Basically how many years have they been relocating offices?  Not how many years in business, but how long have they disassembled, transported and reassembled an entire office?
  2. How many years in business – specifically in this business. Over the years only the best in the industry tend to survive the fluctuations in the economy, how long has the company you are considering been around, doing office installs, relocations, etc?
  3. Services – What types of services do they offer and do they meet or exceed your needs?
  4. Customer Service – What type of support will you receive on your job? Moving an entire office, whether it is a few cubicles or two entire floors, requires time, planning and communication, make sure the company you are considering can walk you through the process and be able to respond to you immediately.
  5. How do they handle the 1st call? When you contact these companies, what is your gut feeling? Are you asking a bunch of questions hoping for an answer, or are you questions answered during the course of a conversation?
  6. How quickly was your inquiry responded to? How fast did you get a salesman on the phone talking to you about your project?
  7. Scope of Work – Don’t let cost side track you – you need to focus on the scope of work and the services provided within the cost.
  8. Custom Quote – make sure you don’t go based on on-line price quotes – each relocation job is a custom job.
  9. Just Say No – Do not use companies that do private, household moves as well. We repeat – Do Not use a household mover.  They do not have the expertise to do an office move. The types of services and the way to simple handle a move are different.  Relocating a home that you have packed away and two floors of office furniture, computers, servers, modular furniture – are entirely different.  Let them move the house and your household items  – they are good at that; they are trained in that.   The folks that relocate the office – may not be the ones that can handle that Tiffany lamp – but 50 computer stations, no problem.
  10. Technology – what can they provide you as far as reporting, storage, inventory, daily reports, etc.
  11. Research the company. Are they on the BBB? Do they have testimonials? Find out who they are and if they fit your needs.

Basically – hire a pro to move your office.  Modular furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and there are certifications from some on how to put it together and take it apart.  Computers – moving them is not an easy task, when everyone has one and the day they come back to work after the move – the entire system has to be up and running.  It is stuff like that, that needs to be considered when hiring a company to relocate you and your entire office.

For some tip on planning and executing your office relocation – check out our Tip and Tricks post.

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