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Environments Plus is a premier furniture installation company

Customer service is our top priority

When it comes to moves or furniture installation, usually the image that comes to mind is not that of a professional. Many times when companies hire the cheapest company, they get the version of the worker that best fits that image. EPI does things a little different, we like to stand out for our professionalism from the way we look, to the way to speak, to the way we complete the job.

EPI doesn’t take customer service lightly. When we plan an office move, or new furniture install, we make sure that our client gets exactly what they are looking for, even if they change their mind at the last minute. We have developed new technologies in house to make our reporting to our clients, that much easier and seamless.

Where EPI stands out – is taking care of your or client’s furniture and other office equipment. If there is a problem we handle it, if there is damage we take care of it, if there is a budget, we make sure we meet or beat it. Simple stuff that makes a difference when you are coordinating a big move; or an office remodel. If you are looking to do an office refresh – that last thing you need is for issues with any part of the job. We so our best to minimize them.

EPI has the experience. We are proud to say that we have people that have been with our company for over 20- 25 years. These are some of the people that run the jobs. Our Relocation Manager has been moving offices and moving entire companies for 25 years, our President has been installing office furniture for 30 years, we have seen it, moved it, installed or taken it out.

We also don’t hide in our offices. Our President, Director of Operations, Relocation Manager, leads etc., go out to the jobs, walk them, talk with the client and their client as well, check in the on the crews, coordinate with everyone on site, walk the job once its complete – we make sure that our part of the job goes smoothly. We are there to help.

We train for success – all of our crews, from leads to installers, to warehouse, go through rigorous training programs to ensure that best practices are in use at all times.

Some of the things we offer to our customers are:

· Daily updates

· Integrated EPI program that allows us to email you updates directly from the job site

· Our own employees and trucks run every job

· 7 day a week access to the people running your job

· Pre-move meetings with client to go over everything

Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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