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EPI's Austin Operation, EPI Corporate Solutions

In Texas tradition, Environments Plus, operating under EPI Corporate Solutions out of Austin, has gone big! We operate in Central Texas out of 40,000 square feet facility.

EPI Corporate Solutions is a premiere office furniture installation and relocation specialists. We offer a fully staffed and specially trained installation crew, professionally managed warehouse, expert project management and an experienced design crew.

EPI Corporate Solutions is a division of Environments Plus, Inc. (EPI) out of Los Angeles, CA. EPI has been in furniture installation business for over 30 years serving clients nationwide. EPI uses a professional, fully trained, in-house installation staff. We offer installation, relocation, decommission, planning, project management and more. EPI Corporate Solutions offers the same professional services in the Central Texas Market.

EPI Corporate Solutions started in Austin in 2016 and have found much success in that market. We are pleased that we are able to expand and offer not only our services to the area but jobs to the community. We will be working to be a great community partner as well. For more information on our Texas and our California operations, please visit the contact page and send us an email! We would love to hear from you!

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Aug 22, 2022

Hi, I am writing you this email to offer you qualified personnel to install office furniture; currently, we work with C-serv, Move Solutions, and Office Furniture Now, but in the past, we did it with Workplace, McCoy Rockford, and EDC moving systems. We want to work with your prestigious company. We currently have 15 installers, and we can get more if necessary.

Best Regards,

Manuel Lopez


Texas Master Installer LLC

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