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EPI's 10 Guide for Moving Fragile Office Items

Moving for anyone is a nerve-wracking experience. The coordination, the staging, and then there is packing. Packing items that won’t break or become damaged is easy, but the worry about items that are fragile in nature can be stressful. Some items are irreplaceable and determining how to move them from one place to another without damage can cause great concern. Moving boxes go through a lot of handling as they after they are packed, so you need to take some precautions and extra care of your fragile items to ensure their safe arrival. The process begins with how you pack them. Here are some tips to move fragile items safely.

Preparation Prior to Packing

Before packing up any of your fragile belongings, you should get a rough idea what items need to be protected. These can include: computers, glass items, paintings, etc. Once you have a good idea what needs special attention, you can then plan to pack and move them. Packing of fragile items may take time as you need to pay special attention to how they are packed and this process should not be rushed.

Use smaller and sturdy boxes to protect contents

Fragile items are easier to handle and less likely to move around when packed inside smaller boxes. Thicker boxes that are sturdier, also help to ensure that the items inside will be protected. Using the proper packing materials helps as well; pack the items with a lot of padding and fill up the box so the items do not move around. If the box is slightly flimsy, then don’t use it for fragile items. If you are using bigger boxes, make sure any extra space is filled with padding to keep items secure. Also make sure that the box weight distribution is even and on the lighter side. ENVIRONMENT’S PLUS has plenty of the right boxes to help you prepare for your next move.

Secure the Bottom of the Box

Make sure you secure the bottom of the box to keep items from falling out. Do this by adding extra strips of tape underneath to help support the box better. Take some extra steps and layer the inside of the box with soft packing material so the item is not damaged. EPI has soft and padded packing material to help pack fragile items.

Individually Wrap Each Item and Piece

The key to keeping fragile items safe, is to keep them separate. Each part must be wrapped by itself, such as lids and other loose pieces. Make sure to wrap all objects separately and completely. Bubble wrap is a good option if the item is very delicate to keep it safe. Packing each item is put in a separate box will also help to prevent damage. Using absorbing material in the empty spaces of the box helps to add an additional layer of protection.

Label Boxes Clearly

One of the keys to protecting fragile items is for anyone handling them to know they are fragile. Make sure to seal the box correctly and buffered with extra packing tape and most importantly label it on several sides as fragile. This way anyone who picks up the box will know how to properly carry and stow the box for moving.

Do Not Rush While Packing

Pack slowly and precisely. This is an important element to packing. Making sure that every item is safely put into the box and will not shift around during the move helps to ensure its safe arrival. Also, make sure that the box is filled up and there is no extra space for items to move around into. Taking your time and making sure all items are secure will help prevent damage to the fragile items.

Secure Electronics

Moving electronics may seem simple, but sensitive pieces of equipment need to be handled with care. Before you pack up your electronics, back up any computer drives for safekeeping. In case of any issues during the move, you want to make sure your valuable information is secure. Also, take a picture of how your electronics are set up and where the wires go, so setting them up again goes smoothly.

Prepare for Unpacking

Once you arrive and the boxes have been moved into your new space, it’s time to start organizing and unpack. Make sure to keep all of the fragile items stored safely in an area they won’t get knocked around. When you begin unpacking them take your time, unpack carefully one at a time. Take care when removing your fragile items from their boxes to make sure they don’t break.

Hire a trusted Company

Do your research and find a moving company you can trust with not only your move but also your fragile items. At Environments Plus, Inc., we take care of your items as if they are our own. Our relocation crews will make sure that they handle all of your belongings with care and take special attention to those items marked fragile.

Before your next move, Follow these tips to move fragile items safely. Take extra time to avoid any damage and identify potential issues and prepare in advance. The most important factor will be how you plan and pack your belongings. EPI can help with packing, supplies and boxes as well. So when it’s time to move, give EPI a call.


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