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Office Furniture Liquidation Services from EPI

Office Furniture liquidation is one service we have that many companies don’t realize we offer. Many times we enter onto a job site and find our clients have an office floor full of furniture they don’t know how to dispose of. We can help! EPI has the ability to liquidate office furniture for you. We can arrange to have the current furniture hauled away prior to the new office systems coming in. We have a number of charities we work with that take used furniture.

Updating your office or moving to a new space is a large feat. Don’t let the need to get rid of your current furniture be a headache. When we walk your job, we can assess how much office furniture you have to get rid of and take care of the rest.

Environments Plus has be serving the Southern California and Austin/San Antonio for furniture installation for over 30 years. Our years of experience have enabled us to know the best way possible to help. No hassle, no problems, we just take care of you. Our primary goal is to take care of our clients the best way possible.

If you bringing in new office furniture to office and need to get rid of your current furniture such as: cubicles, partitions, desks, conference tables, chairs, and more, EPI can help. We can make the furniture removal part of your entire job. Contact us today and learn how we can help! EPI works with several charities in both California and Texas that help us distribute used office furniture to schools, charities and more.


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