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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Updating your space is exciting, and at the same time daunting. Empty office spaces hold a lot of promise and a lot of planning. Once you have found the perfect office, you now have to fill it. You need to pick furniture and figure out where it will go. EPI has 30 years of experience in office furniture solutions and we can help with your office update. We have put together this guide to help you prepare for your new space.

This guide will walk you through the process with some crucial office furniture installation tips. That way, you plan for an office that is both beautiful and functional.

Measure Twice

Office space looks larger when it is empty. The best method to prepare for your move is to measure and then measure again. In carpentry they always say, measure twice and cut once. The same applies to office space design and layout. It helps to have two different people measure the space for the plans and we will measure again on site as well, but for planning purposes and project efficiency it is best to make sure all measurements are correct.

This method ensures that right dimensions are recorded for the project and that there won’t be any surprises later on.

Protect Your New Furniture

Do not try to save money by doing it yourself or having your employees do it. Office furniture moves can be complicated and your employees have experience in their profession, not moving office equipment. Make sure you work with a reliable and professional moving company to move the furniture.

If you decide to purchase new furniture for your office, we can help you through that process with our contacts for new furniture and our project managers can assist with space planning, delivery and office furniture installation.

What to do with your new space

Make the most of your new space. Make a solid plan for your new office layout before you begin moving office furniture so you have a good understanding of your space and can make the best use of it.

We can help with CAD designs and plans of your space that way, you can understand how the space will get used and how another layout may work better.

Focus on Quality

One of the essential office moving tips is to focus on quality instead price. You get what you pay for and buying low quality and cheap office furniture will cost you more in the long run from increased maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

By keeping these office furniture installation tips in mind, you’ll be better prepared for your office move or makeover. Getting your new office space right is all about the planning.

Once you decide to update your space, give us a call and let us walk you through the process.


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