Project management in a key element in any move

We have specially trained project managers that handle each of our moves.  We create a well-analyzed and strategic, customized plan for each project.  No cookie cutter work is done at EPI, each of our clients receive customized solutions to their needs, and that starts with our project managers.

We create work plans, which are a culmination of detailed analysis of the different elements that will encompass the projects.  Elements such as design layout, schedule coordination, field verification, equipment planning and more.

Well-analyzed and strategic work plans lead to successful project management. We begin with a work plan and use our expertise in project management to ensure a smooth move.  Our project managers attend coordination meetings, interface with building personnel, review project plans, and monitor the overall progress of the project.  They provide a level of expertise to their projects and help ensure the best plan possible is put in motion, but identifying different ways to minimize costs and maximize time and efficiency.


I would like to share what a remarkable job your team did. They were all very professional, took the bull by the horns and ran with it! They have all been getting kudos from the real estate group and the WSU staff we worked with. Always one step in front of the customer prepared with an answer or solution. William, Shaun, Richard, and Manny were archetypal of your company’s consummate work ethic.
Staples Business interiors
Everything looks GREAT! The patio furniture is perfect and it’s already been used by several employees. The mystery glass piece was found and Michael came back that night to install. He’s terrific – so glad he’s been assigned to our office…or maybe he just pulled the short straw either way, he’s super-efficient and friendly. The keyboard trays are working out well, too. Thank you again for your assistance and your follow ups.
Essex Property Trust