When moving, re-locating or re-decorating, or doing construction, storage can become a problem.  Environments Plus has extensive warehouses centrally located through-out California and Central Texas, where we can receive, store and deliver furniture. Our warehouse personnel are experts at handling and storing products, thereby eliminating the chance of damage. Additionally, they are required to be very detailed about receiving and documenting shipments to ensure we know where products are at all times.

Warehousing – EPI’s ability to warehouse and inventory furniture, allows us to offer many clients the ability to store and manage their assets in a cost effective way. EPI provides not only professional storage, but also accurate computer generated inventory reports using, ProjectWorks, one of the industry’s more sophisticated asset management software packages.  Our relocation management system has client product being stored properly and documented in our real-time database.

Relocation – Our drivers and delivery crews are experienced in loading trucks and transporting products to your office locations. It is our standard to have on-time deliveries and a high level of customer service to meet and exceed customer expectations.

EPI ensures that all products are correctly identified and inspected when received, documented when moved and maintained in a secure location that is recorded as part of our inventory management process.

EPI is your answer for both warehousing of product and relocation management of your entire project.  Contact us to find out more!