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When is the best time to move your office?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Office moving is a daunting task. It has a lot of moving parts and can be a logistical nightmare. But WHEN is the best time to take on this monumental task? Business’s such as EPI perform business relocations all the time – 12 months out of the year, so there is no prime time to move, it all goes down to you!

When are you ready to move?

The best time to relocate your business, is when it will have the least amount of impact on your business. Usually that is on the weekends, during non-operating hours, or maybe during a holiday shut-down. Most of the time, we move business’s at night and on the weekends. This will allow us to move the office in sections or floors.

If there is a new office build, then it is a lot easier – we can go in and do the installation during normal business hours and then the employees can take the time to pack up their desks and those items can be moved over a weekend, placed at their new desks and they can begin the set-up of their offices.

So if you are planning a move, you need to determine what will work for you! The people moving you are ready anytime, but if you aren’t ready – the process will be much more difficult.

What can you do to make sure that your move has is a minimal impact on your business?

Create a plan! Consider everything

Everyone will need to know what is going on! You need to make sure that all those moving parts, and all the vendors you are working with know what to expect, when to expect it and what their role is in the move and what their deliverables are. You need a project manager to run the move. That can be an employee or if need be, EPI provides project managers to help run your move, if you need it.

The plan should include; how to get moving boxes [EPI provides moving boxes], when employees should pack, where the boxes should be stored [EPI can store both personal items as well as the furniture and equipment], when the electric will be turned on, when the network Is ready to move, and much more.

Make sure your infrastructure is ready to go

The biggest hassle of your move will be in your infrastructure. You will need to move your delivery address. You will need to communicate with clients and vendors that deliveries will be moving to a new location and when. You may need to split your crews into two locations to accommodate the address change. You also have to allow for phones, computers, computer networks, all of your systems moving as well. [don’t worry EPI does PC Disconnect and Reconnect} But you have to be ready for that part of the move. We suggest a major system backup of all essential files prior to any move.

Most of the time the systems are moved during non-operating times to allow for the least impact possible.

Call a professional!

Moving a residence and moving an office are two different things. The only thing they have in common is the fact that people are moving things they use everyday from one place to another permanently, Environments Plus, is fully capable of handling an office move from beginning to end. Let us take the stress off of your next move and get you and your equipment up and operation in your new space quickly and safely!


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